I serve as a Professor of History and Southern Studies in the College of Liberal Arts at Mercer University (Macon, GA).  Besides teaching,  I serve as  editor of the Journal of Southern Religion.  A decade long research and writing project published in 2017, Richmond’s Priests and Prophets: Race, Religion, and Social Change in the Civil Rights Era examines religious responses in Richmond, Virginia, to the political movement know as Massive Resistance.  At the moment I am also working on a project that explores Martin Luther King, Jr.’s relationship to the Vietnam War. Another interest of mine examines how automobiles changed the American South.  When I am not teaching or working on projects, I enjoy traveling with my family and going on long backpacking trips or kayaking.

In 2010, I received the College of Liberal Arts’s Spencer B. King’s Excellence in Teaching award.

I also have two blogs that feature both personal and professional pieces.